Kelli Kreiter

100 DAYS

100 days of UX Patterns

Day 3


Day 3 of 100 days of UX patterns. This is an exploration of gradients, color, and button hierarchy. 

Gradients are on trend right now and give backgrounds a certain depth and texture that can't be found in flat colors. This was created with a blur tool in photoshop from an image of a school of fish underwater. By using a real image with a light source, I was able to get more variation in the gradient then if I were to just use the built in gradient tool in a color wheel. 

The buttons were an exploration of hierarchy. I want people to choose yes, while at the same time not feeling forced. The aim was to create two buttons that related, and worked together, but had different weight. 

| Made in Sketch + Photoshop |

Kelli Kreiter