Kelli Kreiter


b. 1986, HK.


 I'm Kelli, a designer with a focus in interaction and visual design. I grew up in a small town outside of Seattle and went on to attend the University of Washington to study architecture and to play Division I Women's Soccer; two top programs respectively.

A professor once told me,

As an architect, you are the conductor. You orchestrate the movement of an individual.

He was of course referring to  the impact of walls, ceiling heights, materials, and structural systems. All of which I have had the pleasure of working with for the first five years of my career while designing within the built environment. 

But when I started running the businesses that I had built, I realized that he wasn't  just talking about the design of the building, but the design of peoples' experiences. 

This holds true in the world of tech as well. However, I made the pivot to tech not because of its similarities, but because of its unique ability to drive people to interact with each other and their environment. I feel that's when we are at our best. Its a wild time we live in and I feel drawn to do my part in designing technology that brings out our human nature instead of replacing it. 

From my architecture background, I believe in structure. And from my athletic background, I believe in industrious work to create something lean. That is my role as a designer: clearly structured information and lean designs that, together, make the complex easy to digest, delightful to experience, and that invites us to engage with each other. 

I am a designer. I am a creative. I am an athlete. And I have a fascination with how people put ideas onto paper.